Monday, September 3, 2012

Learning a new normal.

I started working out again today. I thought I took it slow enough, but I've been pretty sore this evening. Bummer. I'll try again tomorrow, but my hopes of taking up running again might have to wait a couple more weeks. However, I cannot wait to start running with the endo gone. It will be pain free and uber relaxing! Also, I'm working on changing my diet to an endo friendly diet. I need to get the endo that is left to shrink and go into remission. While the hormone suppression will help until ivf, the diet needs to be a life style change. The endo diet is a no red meat, no sugar, no caffeine, no wheat, no dairy diet. It's very strict and sounds awful. But, I need to decide if I'd rather follow a strict diet or go in for surgery every couple of years. The diet sounds way easier to me. Plus, being healthy feels good and I hate being in pain more than I love eating a steak...most days!

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