Infertility Journey...Nut Shell Version

Here's the shortest version I can think of, afterall, it's 8 years in the making!

June 2003: Had our amazing son!

December 2003: Chad came home from Iraq.

January 2004: First cyct. 10 inches in diameter and Blood filled. OUCH! Surgery to remove.

February 2004: Made decision with gyno and hubby to start trying for another. Still having pain.

November 2004: Realized that something was wrong. Continued to have painful cysts with ovulation. Visited first RE.

December 2004: Clomid, dye test to show open tubes. Dx with 'bicornate uterus'
January 2004- April 2004: Clomid. All BFN.

Not remembering the exact dates, but over the next few years, we did 3 iui's with clomid and injectables. All BFN.

Early 2006: Began acupuncture.

June 2006: Surgery to Dx Stage 2 Endo.
August 2006-October 2006: Saw "Witch Doctor", as Chad called her.

November 13, 2006: My birthday AND our first BFP since starting ttc #2!

December 13, 2006: M/C after weeks of spotting. We did see the heartbeat, but after looking at my old u/s pics, it is clear that the baby implanted at the top, middle of my uterus...right on the septum :(

January 2008: New doc. He's Catholic. He seems to think that putting all of my information on a chart will somehow get me knocked up.

June or July 2008: Surgery #2. Endo, stage 2, is back. He removed it. My right ovary had grown into my pelvic wall. This was fixed.

August 2008: Doc believes I was preggo the first cycle after surgery, but due to low progesterone, I M/C'd early.

January 2010: We give up on a biochild and  become certified to adopt through the county.

July 2010: Homestudy approved! Now we wait to be matched.

July 2010-July 2011: Submitted our homestudy no less than 50+ times, never to be matched.

August 2011: Began to think that God has a plan for us that I'm not listening to...reanalyzed our plan.

September 2011: Had a "vision" of sorts. And, through our Angel baby, (A little girl, p.s.) we were guided to find Dr. G. I'd go into detail of the "vision", but most people would think I was nuts!

November 2011: First appt. with Dr. G. He agrees to be agressive. Plan to start in December. Planned on doing saline u/s to look for malformations inside uterus in December.

December 2011: Begin femara cd 3-7 (an endo suffers dream when it comes to fertility!), 50 units follistim cd 7-11.

December 2011: cd 11, saline u/s showed that I was originally (8 years prior) MIS Dx with bicornate uterus. I have a septum dividing my uterus in scheduled for January and iui cancelled.

January 2012: Septum removal! I have a normal uterus. It took up 50% of my uterus. (We are reminded again of how lucky we are to have our son. He is truly a miracle.) Took estrogen to help with healing because of size of septum.

February 2012: Continue to heal from surgery and wait on cycle to start to begin iui process again.

March 2012: Femara cd 3-7, 50iu Follistim cd 7-12, trigger cd 12 w/ one mature follicle. E2 152 on cd 11. DH's count 29 mil post wash. BFN

April 2012: Femara cd 3-7, 75iu Follistim 7-11, trigger cd 11 w/ one mature follie and 2 smaller ones that may or may not mature. E2 357 on cd 11. DH's count 67 mil post wash! Beta April 30. BFN

May 2012: 100iu Follistim. Don't remember the details. BFN June 2012: Needed a break! July 2012: WTF appointment. Decided to do another lap to remove endo.

August 17, 2012: Lap reveals Endo is now stage 3. Right ovary is stuck to abdominal wall. Left ovary is stuck to bowels. Endo is everywhere, including bowels. Removed all endo and began hormone suppression using Aygestin and Femara for 12 weeks. Will continue Aygestin until IVF in February of 2013. No AF while doing this! YAY!!!

October 2012: Regular gyno appt. Pap comes back abnormal.

November 2012: Did biopsy of abnormal tissue

December 2012: biopsy came back stage 0 cancer. Referred to gyno oncologist. Cone biopsy performed on December 27 to remove cells. Results in mid-January. Fingers crossed that we have clear margins so we can do IVF, which had to be moved to June because of healing time :(

January 2013: Clear margins and I'm cancer-free!! Praise the Lord! I wouldn't wish any of these last few months on my worst enemy.

May 2013: Have sonohysterogram scheduled to re-check septum and make sure it's completely gone before starting IVF. Start antibiotics and Lupron injects on 5/28!!

June/July 2013: IVF #1: Lupron/Follistim/Low dose HCG. 22 eggs retrieved and all are mature. 18 fertilized. sET on 6/24. Beta 7/5: BFN :(

July 8, 2013: Our adoption case worker called to tell us about an 11 month boy that needs a forever family! Seriously?! How amazing is GOD!

July 22, 2013: First Matching Conference. Six families homestudies are presented to the committee (including ours). We are one of the families selected to be interviewed by the committee! Thank you God!! No final decision will be made until the end of October.

September 2013: FET #1 of 2 blasts. BFN

October 2013: We were not matched with little boy.

January 2014: Finally have WTF appointment from failed FET. Moving onto IVF #2. Started BCP for 5 weeks before starting stims. ER should be in late March.

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