Saturday, September 1, 2012

A dream and feeling at peace

I had a dream last night that almost seemed like it really had happened. The hubs and I had just gotten the news that our IVF was successful and the doctor said, "You two sure are going to bring on a lot of tears when you announce this news!" Which, in my dream, made me cry. Of course, my goal isn't to make people cry, but it is a real testament to all of the amazing support we have from our family and the very few friends who we've included in our journey. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people by our sides. In my mind, I imagine the conversation the hubs and I will have someday with our IVF miracle baby, telling him/her how much love grew over the many years we tried to bring him/her into the world. But, it's not just our love, but our family and friends who have said millions of prayers for us. I hope that someday, if he or she is reading this blog or the one from before, they can truly grasp how much I love them already. Not a day goes by that I don't imagine what our life will be like with you here. Once we have this little bundle in our arms, every single penny we spent and tear we cried will have been worth it. In just six very short months, we'll be in the final leg of our journey to bring you home. How exciting is that?!

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