Saturday, August 18, 2012

I've been endo upgraded...

Which in endo land, is a bad thing. I had always had stage 2 in the past. Well, I officially have stage 3. It was horrible in there. Endo was everywhere, bowels, uterus, cervix, and that pouch that is near the back. Then, the fun stuff. My right ovary had been, in the surgeon's words, cemented against my pelvic wall. He said it took a long time to free it back up. Then my left Fallopian tube had attached to my bowel. He was able to remove that, also. He wasn't able to get the endo fromm bowel, so my next surgery will have to be in Atlanta. I need to save $5k-7k for that one, but the docs at the endometriosis care center in Atlanta will get it all. Hopefully, this surgery gives me a few years of relief, but I'll just need to wait and see. As for my bladder, I definitely have intercystial cystitis. The doctor took pictures to show us the bladder disease, which looks like little hemorages inside of my bladder. Ouch! We also have photos of my pelvis and all of the disease. I can add them to my scrapbook of other ute photos I've collected over the years.

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