Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Information overload.

I cannot believe how the cost of doing the same thing can vary so greatly. It's absolutely absurd. However, I think I've found three attorneys and agencies to present to the hubs. I think I'll lay it all out there in an aggressive manor, as I displayed the other night. Apparently, that works. Who knew? The three I found have a low up front cost, which is important when you want to use three to help you. Since we already have the scariest thing, the homestudy, done, it's really just a matter of getting our profile book together. Then, we meet with the different agencies/ attorneys and start to wait. I even started cleaning out the nursery, which is big. I haven't been in there for extended periods of time since my miscarriage and that was years ago. Well, Ayden must have decided somewhere in those few years that toys and books that he doesn't want to play with anymore should be stored there. While my first reaction was to get upset, it ended up being fun going through his old books we read together. He has been such a joy and reading together at bedtime was one of the favorite times of my day. Now he's too cool for that, but he will read to me, which is still amazing. I cannot wait to hear him reading to a new sibling. I know there's a lot of work and waiting between now and then, but these thoughts keep me fighting to find our family's missing piece.

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