Monday, July 23, 2012

BCP's and happiness!

I received my surgery packet in the mail today and was shocked and thrilled to see a prescription for bcp's in the packet. I am to start taking them today. For me, this means, combined with the post-op hormone suppression, I will not have ovulation pains or a period for four months! After this past weekend, I can't even begin to explain how happy this makes me! Better yet, the pain meds that my doc gave me over the weekend make me super dizzy and I was NOT happy about having to take them the month before surgery. Of course, it's better than the pain, but not needing them or being in pain is the best gift ever. I'm so excited I could pee my pants!! Speaking of peeing, my doc thinks I have I intercystial cystitis (IC). It's this bladder condition that many with endo have and it causes frequency, urgency, and pain with a full bladder. I can check all three. I can pee and then have to go really badly two minutes later. It's annoying. The pain is the worst. There's no cure, but the doc will go in and check out my bladder when I'm knocked out, thank goodness for that. He can inflate my bladder and see if I have the ulcers and missing lining in my bladder. If I do, then I have IC. Just inflating my bladder will give some relief from some of the symptoms. There are meds I can take also, but I'll have it forever. So, that's fun. It's also an auto immune disease, like endo, which is why women with endo are more likely to have it. My doc said he thinks I've been "blessed" with the Endometriosis trifecta: Endo, IC, and IBS. They tend to come together as a package deal. As if endo wasn't bad enough by itself. At least I know my hot mess of a body isn't all in my head. Someday, he told me, I might even be diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and if I wasn't already having enough fun. Have I mentioned lately that endo sucks? On a fun note, we are collecting more information about a couple f kiddos that are up for adoption. So, pray for us that one of them is made to be part of our family. Ayden has been talking about it quite a bit lately. So, the hubs and I are being a little more aggressive in our search. It is a frustrating process, but we just have to stick it out I guess.

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