Thursday, May 31, 2012

Still in a positive frame of mind...even with the madness

I have no idea how I came to such a state of mind tonight, but I am pretty calm and quite positive still. My in laws, hubs, Ayden, and I were supposed to go to Cleveland this weekend, but without knowing when the iui will be, we had to pull out. The in laws were pissed apparently because they did the hotel reservation and got non-refundable rooms (who does that anyway). For Christmas this past year, we got my FIL 2 Indians baseball tickets for him and Ayden for this weekend's game, so we were assuming they were still taking Ayden even though the hubs and I weren't going anymore. It would have made going back and forth to the RE's office easier, but from what I gather, they're so mad that we're not going that now the MIL and the FIL are using the tickets. Ayden was already promised one of them and it's all he has talked about this week, so he'll be upset. Once again, my infertility is a burden. I was super upset that they were leaving him out, but what can I do? Stressing and being sad/upset for Ayden won't change it, so I've decided to take the high road and think about the bigger picture. I'll work on forgiving them, but when you hurt/upset the baby bear, momma bear isn't happy. Regardless, we have our follie check tomorrow, cd 9, and another E2 check.

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  1. oh wow ... that stinks ... royally!

    am glad to hear you are feeling positive!!! i am also feeling very positive for you! can't wait to hear about massive, fabulous follies!!!