Friday, May 4, 2012

Waiting for AF...

It's funny how that works. The last two months, I didn't want to see AF. Now, that we're in wait mode, I can't wait for next month and my next AF to get back to ttc'ing. I know that my next AF will bring big changes for us. It will be our very last iui ever. It just has to work. This is kind of a relief. Partially, because I know it will work :) It has to. Plus, I have a feeling in my gut that it will work. Of course, I said that the last two months, but I was just kidding.

The hubs and I are thinking "baby", too. We have three cars, but two drivers. Kind of dumb and a huge waste of money. The most expensive of the three cars sits in the driveway most days of the week. Really dumb. So, we've decided to trade in two of the cars and get something that a backwards facing carseat will fit into. None of the three we have now would be what we'd consider practical with all of that baby stuff. We test drove a few and it was fun talking about which vehicles would allow for a baby seat in the back. It definately made it seem that it is a real possibility.

I really need to work on my stress level though. I'm not sure how, but I need to do something. It's not about ttc'ing, but life in general. Mainly, I just saw my total student loan amount after finishing my Masters...that will freak a person out. Maybe I need to get a run or two in. Otherwise, I'm going to drive the hubs crazy this weekend!!

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