Saturday, October 5, 2013

It doesn't even make sense.

How in the world did we conceive Ayden? Seriously, it doesn't even make sense. After doing fertility treatments for the last gazillion years, I wonder how it even happened naturally. I even had a septum then. So weird. I was even training for a marathon when we got pregnant. Go figure. Now, in the 2ww I won't even walk around the block. Or drink. Or have sex. Or relax. You get the point.

So, on finding myself. I still like to shop. I've done lots of therapy shopping this week. It has been fabulous. I got a great deal on a North Fa.ce. Did I need it? Nope. Don't care. I also bought a new suitcase. Did I need it? Yep. The hubs got drunk and peed in our old one a couple of years ago. Long story. Funny, but long. Ayden has also been gifted with 5 new shirts, a football, a football kicking thingy, a new game, a couple of books, and some science thingy I figured he'd like. Someone needs to rein me in. But, I did kind of enjoy just blowing money and not having to save it for treatments. That was nice. I'm going on vacation in two weeks, you say? I should save the money for that? I'll worry about that later. I do at least have a suitcase now...

Just for my own future reference, after doing a fresh and a frozen cycle, I'm up 10 pounds. So, the "gain 5 pounds per treatment cycle" theory still stands. Now, I need to figure out how to lose the 10 pounds before the wedding in two weeks...not possible you say? Well, I'm gonna try. Here's to being hungry!

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