Sunday, December 22, 2013

Puzzle pieces

They are everywhere. In my heart, I know where they are coming from. The hubs would think I was nuts if I told him. They started appearing on December 12. I knew I wasn't alone and this December 13 anniversary wasn't going to be as horrible as the past few were. 

When I came home from work on December 12, at the bottom of the porch steps was a small puzzle piece. I didn't think one single thought about it. Well, I did think it was odd, but I just left it there. I didn't pick it up. I just stepped over it and walked inside.

That evening went on like normal, not giving the puzzle piece a second thought.

December 13, I woke up to get ready for work and my first thought was of the puzzle piece. That instant, I knew who it was from. However, like a true non-believer, I asked this soul to add another puzzle piece somewhere so I knew it was really from them.

As I headed out of the door that morning, I looked down at my feet, and there, right next to the first piece was another. You can't make this crap up. I gasped and instantly put them in my pocket. Imagine my surprise when I got to my car and right outside of the car door was a third piece. Yeah. Amazing.

Just today, while cleaning up the house, I was picking up stuff from the dining room table and, you guessed it, another puzzle piece. So cool.

I don't know how you all feel about the afterlife, heaven, and God, but I am definitely a believer. I also believe that our loved ones come back to visit. Mine come often. I know I've mentioned it before, but mine are here a lot. A medium once told me that I have "the gift", but I have to choose to work on it if I want to make sense of everything. I'm not up to that. I'm perfectly happy with how things are now. I cannot see/hear/feel anyone whom I never knew. So, it's not like it would be helping people. But, it does comfort me.

Most important to this blog, our lost babies are near us and if you let yourself, you can feel them. It happens differently for everyone. For me, if I close my eyes, meditate for a few minutes and think of our baby, I feel her with me. They grow up in heaven, but they are still learning lessons from us here on Earth. You can think I'm crazy. That's fine! I realize that I sound nuts, but oddly enough, I'm least not with this topic! I hope this brings you some peace this Christmas season.

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