Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bleeding scare and most amazing picture

I'm pretty sure that I just did too much this weekend. I was just trying to make time pass until our next ultrasound. Between planting flowers, cleaning, and shopping, I started bleeding. Great. Can't I just ever have a normal pregnancy?

I already had to call the RE on-call earlier in the day because of a bladder infection (Boo.) So, then I had to call yet again for this. He wanted me to go into the ER and have it checked out.

There was no actual source for the bleeding, however they are assuming, as is the RE, that it's from baby A or the placenta breaking down.

Baby B? What a wiggle worm! I have never been so entertained from an ultrasound in my life. We saw legs kicking, the baby flipping around, and then s/he waved at us at the end of the ultrasound. What a sweetie! It's like s/he was just saying, "HI! See, I'm okay in here!"

Look at these legs:

Tell me that isn't the cutest baby you've ever seen?! That little foot? I can't get enough of it. The ER gave us a CD of the pics to take with us to the RE's office on Tuesday. So, of course I copied all of them for myself.

You can see baby A laying above baby b. It's pretty obvious that there was no growth for quite sometime. Very sad. However, seeing this amazing little angel flailing all over the place, my heart started to heal and get excited. We are blessed. I thank God that we transferred both embryos.

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