Monday, June 2, 2014

School's out for the Summer!

Finally! This year was nothing short of rough. My 8th grade has had 8th grade-itis since September. While I love my job, I've never been happier for a Summer break in my life!

Yesterday, I wrote that nausea was gone. Spoke too soon. Ya know that burning feeling that comes in the back of the throat right before you puke? Had that today on the way to work. No where to pull over. Contemplated puking in the passenger seat, but the heat cooking the vomit all day stopped me. I started sweating and the puke kept creeping up in my throat. Did some labor breathing. Found a spot to pull over just as the puke started to head back down in my stomach. Thank goodness. I had visions of smelling like puke all day long.

I spent the rest of the day more nauseous than I've been this entire pregnancy. The hubs was right. I did jinx myself by worrying about not feeling sick.

Honestly, I think the horrible nausea was from not taking my prednisone this morning. I was out. It masks the nausea from pregnancy. Apparently, this is great news for me. I made sure to fill that script as soon as I was home from work. We can't have that anymore. I'll never be the same after that fit of sweat and death grip on the steering wheel fiasco. The horror.

Tomorrow is my last appointment with our RE. Very bitter sweet. I love everyone in that office. They are such amazing and caring people. Plus, how do you thank someone for giving you such an amazing gift? I suppose all of the money we've given them over the years is a good start.

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