Friday, February 21, 2014

Funny teacher story. If you have a weird middle school teacher sense of humor.

Blizzard Bags will be the death of me. Let me explain. This year, we have missed a total of 15 days of school due to weather. This winter is bad. Like BAD.

So, to help us out, the state department of education approved the use of Blizzard Bags. Basically, it's online school for the kids when they're sitting home during a snow day. Rather than playing in the snow, they're supposed to be glued to the computer doing school work.

I know you're all shocked to hear that most kids go outside to play in the snow rather than do their Blizzard bags on their day off. But, it's okay. See, they have two weeks to get them done. Today was the first due teenagers tend to do, they procrastinated and some of my kids still needed to get a few done. I let them come up at lunch to work on them.

Go figure, the Blizzard Bag website was down. How did this happen you ask? Well, "someone" hacked into the site and posted Viagara videos. As soon as the district found out, they shut down the site. HA! The lengths kids will go in order to not have to do work! I get that it's wrong, but it's so darn funny. Not sure if they can catch the hacker, but kids will be kids, I guess.

Yesterday, my classroom smelled like a cat had peed in ever single corner of the room. I probably smelled like cat pee all day. The day before, we had a snow day. The day before that was just plain crazy. I'm sooooo glad it's a weekend!

Tonight I'm ordering my meds and paying a crap ton of money. Whoot. I applied to this program through our pharmacy for poor people so I can get a discount on my meds. I realize we're not really poor, but you know what I mean. We had to send both of our W-2's from last year. I tried to explain that my hubs' shouldn't even be taken into account anymore. They didn't care. So, we didn't qualify for poor people pricing. We do get 25% off of Follistim just for applying to the program, so I guess it was worth the headache of sending a zillion emails. Not that I want to be poor, but 75% off would have been nice. I don't really like money, so it's fine. Really. It's fine.

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