Sunday, February 16, 2014

Goos Fa-va

Or however it goes. I'm seriously insanely pissed today. We live in a small town. VERY SMALL. So, people talk about everything that isn't their business and they make connections about things where there aren't even connections to be made.

Well, the hubs "resigned" a week ago this past Friday. He was a cop. I can't really get into why, but it's good for us. Unfortunately, on the same day, another cop that the hubs worked with was arrested for doing some horrible things. These two things aren't connected at ALL! However, in a small town, people are talking.

I didn't grow up in a small town. Where I grew up, people minded their own business and only worried about what was happening in their own lives. This nosey shit is more than I can take. Not only that, but the hub's resignation will be announced at the town council meeting tomorrow night. So many people are pissed about the hub's leaving that they are going to the meeting to show support to him. It's like a Lifetime movie.

I'm so grateful for all of these people. It makes me feel like I'm not alone in this horrible thing that is happening to my husband. These are good people. But, all of the other nosey people, can suck my ass! When the whole story comes out (my husband's. Not the other guy, he's pretty much screwed.) it will all make sense to everyone. However, in the meantime, I have to sit back quietly and pretend like I have nothing to say, when the exact opposite is actually true.

In the meantime, stims start in less than one month! Yay IVF. I really am excited, but I wish this other crap wasn't going on, too. But it is. So, I somehow need to figure out how to deal with it. I can't even drink right now. Or have caffeine. This is impossible!

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