Friday, May 9, 2014

7 weeks 2 days and moving right along

Now that I'm in my 7th week, it's sinking in that I'm actually pregnant. The ultrasound was fun and all, but after a couple of days, the excitement wore off and turned back into worry. I have a little over a week until our next ultrasound and hopefully I'll feel more relieved after that one.

By then, we'll be past our loss milestone. I'm not gonna lie. Just thinking of that date has me an anxious mess. It had me crying earlier. While I was driving home. On the freeway. People passing by probably thought I was a freak. Our loss was at 8 weeks 3 days and we'd already seen a heartbeat, so unfortunately seeing the heartbeats last week wasn't as comforting as it could have been. Granted, our last baby never had a heartbeat over 90, so this is going much better. But, I'm scared to get attached quite yet.

However, I am going to get a couple of pants tonight. I said I was going to wait until after our next ultrasound, but I have nothing left that fits. No pants. Finding work clothes this week was entertaining. Lots of rubber band trick days. By the end of the day, the rubber band was cutting into my skin, so that's not gonna work anymore. Already. This is seriously out of control. I'm pretty sure most of it is bloat, but it's not worth being miserable when I know what kind of comfort lies in maternity pants. Or at least something with elastic waistbands. Maybe I can just wear yoga pants for the rest of the school year.

I need bras too. Bad. The girls have taken on a life of their own. They are amazingly youthful, but falling out of the cups, which isn't so sexy. It's just gross. If I get a burst of energy while we're out, I might try to tackle bras, too. If not, I'll just start taping my boobs in my bra until I can get up the courage to measure these beasts.

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