Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Great Day!

Today was the saline u/s, mock trial, and IVF class. Yeah, this is for real now! First, the saline u/s went well. My septum was completely removed and there isn't any scar tissue or any polyps hanging out in there! My baby incubator is in tip-top shape. The mock transfer went well and there's nothing to worry about there either.

The IVF class was interesting. We've done the injects a zillion times, so none of that is new to us, even the IM injects. So, we just briefly went over our calendar and the meds. Then, she went into the science of IVF, which as a science nerd, I found fascinating! I'm amazed at what can be done to help people like us. Then, we set our appointments for the next few weeks and headed to lunch.

I have a feeling this next month is going to fly by. Then, we'll be in that nasty 2ww. I need to stock up on movies and books or I'll drive myself insane! Our nurse said that bed rest isn't necessary after ET, but to definitely take it easy for the first couple of days after. She said that implantation happens within the first couple of days after transfer, so no sky diving or roller coaster riding. So, I better go cancel that appointment to jump out of a plane...bummer :)

So, tonight, we start Lupron. This will make sure everything is nice and quiet on my ovaries and that no follies are trying to win any races in there. I only take my miracle drug, Aygestin, until Saturday and should get AF by next Wednesday. BIG BUMMER! But, it will be sooo very worth it. The nurse said it shouldn't be heavy and crazy since I've been without hormones for so many months. So, that's at least good. Then, stims start on the 8th.

Here we go folks! Our IVF is underway and we couldn't be more excited and feeling more blessed to have this opportunity! When the nurse said, "See you next week for your next appointment!" I gave her an, "OMG, already?" look. Her response: "Uh, it's been in the works for 9 years! This is exciting!!" And, darn it, she's right!


  1. hot damn! woo-hoo!!

    as one of your many cheerleaders, i can't wait to follow all the tiny details!