Monday, May 27, 2013

Meds are on board.

Even if they're only our antibiotics, we've officially started our IVF calendar! Shut the front door! Stop it! Holy crap face! So very excited! I still can't even believe that we've been blessed with this opportunity. Granted, we saved our own money to do it. But, the fact that we actually saved that much money is rather impressive to me considering the fascination I have with shopping and, generally, spending money. Oh, how it makes me happy! So, I guess I should be very happy tomorrow when we pay the RE's office the gazillion dollars sitting in my bank account...That makes it very, very real!

On another note, my baby boy, who is actually not a baby and is almost as tall as me and will be 10 in a couple of weeks, now has contacts. Yes, I think he's too young. But, his doctor said if he's responsible, he's okay with giving kids this young contacts. Responsible and kids? Where is he from? However, Ayden has talked about contacts from the day he got his glasses a year and a half ago. He is pretty active and loves basketball and baseball. So, fighting to keep his glasses on his face during games, apparently, hasn't been his favorite thing. Plus, he is his teams' catcher and taking his mask on and off has done quite a number on his glasses. They look like a truck ran over them, actually.

So, at his appointment, when we found out that his vision has gotten MUCH worse (that must me why he's had headaches...nice job mom!) and not only would I be paying for contacts, but new glasses, I wasn't nearly as excited...those darn things are expensive! However, in case you're in need of kids glasses, Len.s Cra.fter.s gives 50% off all kids frames and lenses. That is what I call a great deal! Granted, they were still $300, but he's worth it :)

He had his contact class (seriously. There's a class they have to take. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about any of that crap!) and did amazing. The lady said he's in the top 5 best people she's ever taught. He got it in on his first try! He was pretty determined to never have to wear glasses again! But, he looks sooooo much older! See:

He's so stinkin' cute!

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