Friday, May 31, 2013

School's out for the Summer!

Last day today! It was a great day, but a little sad because we were saying good-bye to a great group of 8th graders. They were an amazing group that I was blessed to teach for two years. I sure will miss them. But, knowing that I had IVF ahead of me made today a little exciting. Although I'm only doing Lupron now, I can get my head in the right place and hopefully start to relax a little. (Yeah, right!)

The hubs and I have been talking at length about how many to embies to transfer. Our RE will really help make the decision on transfer day, but our nurse wanted us to have a good discussion about what we were comfortable with so we weren't blindsided when it came time to make a definite decision. And, for now unless things change on transfer day, we're most comfortable with one. I am way too little to take a chance on a multiple pregnancy. Of course, if that's what happens, I just have to trust that God gets us through. However, if all goes well and we have some to freeze, we have decided to just to a single embryo transfer (SET). Hopefully, my body cooperates and makes this possible!

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