Sunday, May 26, 2013

Two days...

that's it. In two days, my IVF calendar starts. Holy crap. Injections, that will last a month, begin. I'm thinking that my stomach is about to look like a bruised pin cushion. The hubs thinks we need to mark with a marker all of the places he sticks me so we give each place a break. I'm thinking the bruises will give it away!

I'm also a little nervous about the pain in my ovaries. My endo effects my ovaries in a big way. When I ovulate just one egg on my own, my ovary lets me know she's not happy. When I've done all of the iui's and had 2-4 eggs, these ovaries we even angrier. I'm fairly certain that I'm about to be in a crap ton of pain. That has me a little weary. I'll stock up on tyl.enol since that's all I can never works for me, but it's better than nothing! So, starting tomorrow, I'm going to stick (as closely as possible) to my endo diet. It's a no dairy, soy, sugar, red meat, wheat diet. It sucks. But, since I'm about to introduce all of these hormones, it's pretty important for my own health that I help my body out a little bit. Maybe I'll wait until after the cookout tomorrow...

And, here is a quote that I hope gets me through the next month-ish.

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