Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shit just got real!

I guess I'm really doing this IVF thing! Yes, I'm aware that I've been talking about it for months (years) but my RE's office called today and moved my cycle up by one week. So, everything is one week earlier. And, she called in my meds.

 Oh my. This is real folks. No turning back now. All or none. The hubs is excited. I'm a nervous wreck. This is it. IT. Either, I'm knocked up this Summer or never at all.

But, "everything's gonna be alright." Alicia Keys just said so on my iPhone. I happen to adore her. So, I'll go with that. IT WILL BE ALRIGHT!

 Don't tell, but after I got off the phone with the RE's amazballs nurse, I sobbed like a HUGE baby. It was one of those loud sobs where maybe my cat died and I'm all sad about it. But, I don't have a cat. And, if I did, I wouldn't be sad if that happened. I hate cats. Dogs, different story.

So, I'm all crying and Ayden walks out and says, "Mamma, what's the matter?" I wipe my mascara from my cheeks and eyeballs onto my white t-shirt and say, "nothing, I'm great!" To which, he looks at me like I've really lost it and says, "You were talking to that doctor that fixed your belly and made it not hurt anymore, right? That makes me happy too!" I LOVE HIM! Sweetest kid on the planet. And, I know. I've worked with thousands of kids. Mine just happens to be the best. Amazingly amazing. And, this time next year, he'll be holding his sibling(s) after a LONG, mostly patient wait!

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