Thursday, August 8, 2013

Interview is set!

The CASA liaison called today to set up our interview! Rather than going to the CSA offices, she is coming here with the child's worker. So, let the cleaning marathon begin, again. I feel like we just did this for our homestudy update! But, this time, there is a certain excitement while we're cleaning. As I dust off the nursery/toddler room, there is a bit of hope that fills the room. God is hard at work.

As I was talking to the CASA lady, I almost laughed at our situation. For nine years, we've waited to do IVF and for 4/5 years we've waited to be matched. Now, here we are, with both in the horizon. It doesn't even feel like my life. The timeline for all of these events prove to me that God is in control, not me. First, two days after we found out our IVF didn't work, we got a call from our case worker (CW) telling us about this little boy. We decided to put our FET on hold while we pursued the adoption. After we decided to wait on the FET, we heard from our CW telling us that there was a family member who was interested. We were bummed, but it gave us a reason to start our FET. The day I called our RE's office to tell them that it was cd 1 and I was ready to get my calendar set up, our CW called to inform us that the family member was no longer being considered and we would be hearing from the CASA lady to set up an interview. Wow. So, now I have the adoption to distract me from the FET and the FET to distract me from the adoption. I trust that God is in control because if it were me, I would never even consider doing both at the same time. His plans are much greater than mine and I'm excited to see how these next few months end!

Our interview is this coming Tuesday at 12:;30. Please put us in your thoughts and prayers.

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