Thursday, August 8, 2013

The stuff life is made of! My "baby" thinks he's a man...

Ayden's first football scrimmage was tonight. He did a great job! Let me preface this entire season by saying that my baby boy is NOT aggressive. He is an only child. He never has to fight with a sibling for toys or attention. So, after the hubs and I forced him to try football, I told the hubs that I'd be shocked if he liked it since he is a pretty calm little guy. Well, to say he is aggressive is an understatement. I think he has years of pent up aggression and finally has an outlet that won't get him in trouble! At this age, most kids, before tackling someone, tend to pause and then fall into each other. Not my calm baby boy. He attacked the crap out of the other team. His coaches told my father in law that they are really impressed with how he plays. (Cue mom gush!) I hope this isn't a sign of future anger management issues...I kid, I kid. The best part, his team won! They look pretty good, if I do say so myself! No, I'm not biased in the least.

Here is my "baby" boy (who happens to be almost as tall as me, which isn't saying much!) before his game:

Handsome, right? And for fun:

Lucy ready for the game

Scout ready for the game!
No, they did NOT like this. But, they're so patient and adorable! After the game, Ayden announced, "I feel like a man now!" Well, I'm not ready for that, so too bad kid!!

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