Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Just living life.

Today, I took Randine Lewis' advice and just lived my  life. I actually said to myself, "What would make you happy now?" Myself answered, "Eating chips." So, I did. Not what she meant? Oh. Well, this is only one small example.

 The hubs, Ayden and I went shopping for back to school clothes. First, we had lunch. I asked myself, "Do you want the low fat dressing?" Guess what? Self didn't want low-fat. She was up for the real deal. It was so incredibly delightful! When we were shopping, I realized that the hubs and Ayden were absolutely miserable. So, I told them they could stay in the car and I'd go in the next store alone. This was also heavenly. Before I knew it, my arms were full of clothes for Ayden...and myself. Hey, I asked first. She said, "Yep, you need those pants, blazers, shirts, and sweater." I'm only following the advice of Dr. Lewis. I forgot how happy shopping makes me. While we were saving for IVF, I didn't really just spend money for the sake of spending money. It was fabulous! My closet is smiling.

So, I realized that the recipe to my happiness in life equals: full-fat dressing, shopping for myself, and potato chips. Not too shabby, huh?

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