Thursday, August 29, 2013

School cancelled already??

Fog. I guess it was awfully foggy this morning. Can't get those kiddos on a bus in fog. Bonus: I got to sleep in! I had plans to be productive today. If you consider shopping online and eating lunch productive, than it was a successful day! I needed a lazy day. The start of this school year has knocked me on my butt! My kids are great, my schedule is awesome, but I'm just flat out exhausted. My night usually consists of napping, eating dinner, going to bed. Now that Ayden has football practice, we throw that in there somewhere.

He is LOVING football, but one of his coaches is a jerk. These kids are in 3rd and 4th grade for goodness sakes. He yells at them like a mad man, even telling one kid that he was going to kick him so hard in his butt that his foot came out of his mouth...seriously? Not sure how we're going to handle this one. The hubs plans on going to the next few practices to watch this madman in action. He is also pretty good friends with the coordinator of the youth football might accidentally let it slip. When they're older? Sure. Threaten to shove your foot up their butts. But, this young? He's asking to be attacked by crazy mothers now.

Then, get this: They sent most of the first year 4th graders down to the 3rd grade team. Seriously? Cutting/Dropping kids at this age? Come on! Luckily, Ayden stayed on the 4th grade team. If he would have gotten moved, he would have been ticked! All of his friends are on the 4th grade team. There are a ton of boys playing, but there has to be a better way. The coach sent a text to all of the parents with the names of the kids who were "cut" from the 4th grade team. Come on. What an idiot. I'm thinking he missed out on the empathy gene. Jerkface. This momma bear is on overprotective status now!

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