Friday, August 2, 2013

Adoption Update. Kind of.

Our worker emailed me this morning to tell me that a maternal family member has snuck out of the woodwork and is interested in adopting the little guy. She said that they need to complete the interstate paperwork because they're out of state and complete a homestudy. She then said to not worry because we're still being considered. Well, then don't give me things to worry about lady! But, seriously, if this is what's best for him, I have to be okay with that. That's obviously what we want in the end. It would be great if they thought we were what's best. Still a long waiting game, I guess.

Today is the hub's birthday! Poor guy has to work a 12 hour day on his big day. Bummer. We're just keeping it low key this year. Cake, gifts, singing in off-key voices. Typical birthday around here. We should probably go get some wrapping paper and a card...we have all day. Right now, we're just being lazy and eating Cina.bons. Yummy and so not on my "get rid of inflammation" diet. Definitely worth it :)

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