Friday, April 13, 2012

1 dpiui

I had the worst cramping all night. No sleep. Still cramping today, so I'm off work because all I can take is Tylenol. Which, does nothing. I almost broke down and took an 800mg ibuprofen before bed. But, I googled it. Thank goodness I did. Did you know that taking ibuprofen around the time of O'ing kills the egg? Yeah, apparently it does. Who knew? I can't tell you how many times I've taken A.dvil or A.leve around O over the years. Nice job me. Killing my already crappy-ish eggs. My new RE has a HUGE list of "Not-To's" while ttc. This was one of the items on the list and now I know why.

Here's a funny for the 2ww...I received an email from our social worker about a child who is available in Texas. He is CUTE as a button! But, we'd have to get rid of Ayden and the dogs. Neither Chad, Ayden, or I were fond of this idea, so we passed. Seriously, did she read the bio before she sent it?! I think if there were a dud award given to social workers, she'd get it. Seriously.

Enjoy your {LUCKY} Friday the 13th!!

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  1. happy friday the 13th to you, too!
    (good things happen on fridays the 13th ;)

    glad to hear your iui went well! sorry for the cramping ... lightly warm heating pad? hopefully it's just burrowing :)!

    hope you have a restful weekend!