Wednesday, April 18, 2012


My son was asking me last night when we would adopt a child. I gave him my honest, "I don't know," answer, but we haven't told him that we aren't going that route quite anymore. I pray that we end up pregnant within the next couple of months so I can surprise him with that...but we'll see. It breaks my heart with how much he wants to be a big brother. Ugh. IF sucks!

As for me, nothing really going on at 6dpiui. I had more "symptoms" last month that I could at least obsess over. This month, nada. My bbs are a little bigger from the progesterone, but that's it. I've been trying to stay away from the computer so I don't obsess over my non-symptom cycle and so far, I've been able to. I'm just trying to stay busy and make it to this time next week...then I'll poas...I hate those darn things.

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  1. thinking of you, dear! wish no one had to wait like this ... try not to fret about symptoms or lack thereof ... easier said than done, yes ... but maybe you, too will get lucky and not have (m)any symptoms : )