Friday, June 8, 2012

1 dp{last.ever}iui

As of today, my little eggie (rotted or not) has met some swimmers somewhere inside of me. I've been trying to stay super busy and be positive all day. Every time my mind wanders into random negative thoughts, I try to redirect it into something a little more pleasing. Like, when I was thinking about how the Mayan's claim the world will end this coming December (which I don't really believe when I'm not all hormoned up) and how I'll not even be able to meet the baby I'll be pregnant with...Okay. At least I have myself pregnant at the time of the world ending...a start? Yes. This is a real thought that popped in my crazy mind today. I was able to come a little more down to Earth and talk some sense into my warped mind, but this is the new crazy I'm dealing with.

I also got my progesterone filled today. It's double what I've usually taken, so AF won't start and even more fun, I'll feel knocked up. Mind games, I tell ya! The RE warned me that this can be pretty emotional for women when they think they're preggo from the meds and then, they're not. I flat out explained that this entire thing has been quite emotional and I thought I could handle 2 more weeks of mind games.

Tomorrow is my son's family birthday party, so tomorrow should go fairly fast. Then, we only have 12 more days to keep busy...oh my.

Days until Beta: A lot
Days until Pee test: One less than a lot

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