Friday, June 22, 2012

I need a vacation

And, I'd be taking one had we not just spent thousands of dollars on fertility crap. So, now, I'm looking for a fast/short getaway over the 4th. I need to get away from my own mind...not sure where that will take me. Yes, today is a two post kind of day. Why you ask? Well, because I'm confused. My heart says I'm not done ttc, but my bank account said that no more transactions are to be made. The hubs and I talked about adopting again last night. He's into it, but I'm not. Not after getting the baby bug re-implanted into my brain. How's that for ironic. The tables have certainly that how that saying goes? Whatever. So, now, I'm looking for a short vacation getaway spot and a way to cheaply get knocked up. Hummmmm? Oh! I've got it! A motel 6, cheap beer, and sex! Ha! Who am I kidding? Sex isn't for baby-making, least not around here.

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