Friday, January 24, 2014

Taking its sweet ass time

My period, that is. I woke up to cramps. Good sign. In the afternoon, there was a little spotting on my liner, in case you wanted detailed play-by-play. So, any minute now...Then, I start BCP and take them for five weeks, but only the active pills. Actually, I'm taking Aygestin, so there are only active pills in the bottle, so that's easy.

I've also been researching supplements to take before/during an IVF cycle. Dr. Google is so full of information. Sorting through it all was tricky, but I think I've got what I need. Since I was off of work today because of the freezing cold temps, I went and purchased everything and even have my first dose in. Some of those darn things are flipping horse pills. Sweet heavens. If they ever go down sideways? Ouch.

For those of you who are also using Dr. Google to look up supplements and came across this blog, here's what I'm taking and what it's for:

1. Fish oil 1000(mg? maybe) w/ EPA/DHA daily- This is for autoimmune issues. I've also read that it can be taken in higher doses, so this might be upped at some point. I'll ask my RE what he thinks first.

2. Coenzyme Q10 (200mg 2x's daily)- egg quality

3. Probiotic- normal dose on bottle

4. Vit B6, B12 and folic acid- normal dose on bottle because this is also in prenatal vitamin

5. Vit D3- normal dose on bottle because this is also in prenatal vitamin

6. L Arginine (1000mg 2x's daily)- egg quality (only 4 of our 18 embryos made it to blast and ZERO of the 3 we transferred implanted)

7. Pycnogenol (60mg daily)- For free radicals/ immune system and egg quality (also recommended for endo patients to help with excess estrogen from environment)

Will any of it work? Who flipping knows. My RE will also have me on a daily baby aspirin. My RE also has me doing the Reactive Uterus Protocol. Seriously. Sometimes, it's called the Angry Uterus Protocol. Yeah. I take 1/2 Xanax in the morning and afternoon with 600mg ibuprofen and then one entire Xanax pill at night with 600mg ibuprofen. He puts all of his endo patients on this because our uterus tend to be a little feisty and extra crampy. True story. This protocol is supposed to calm the uterus. There is a little info online about it, including one study that I found, showing success with it. I did it with the last two cycles and it didn't work, but I didn't cramp, so it did it's job. However, I found that most REs also include prednisone in the protocol. Since I was already going to ask about being on prednisone for my immune system, it would serve a dual purpose for me. We'll see.

Of course, my next many posts (about five weeks worth) will be super horribly boring, I'm sure. But, I'll make sure to update any of the med adjustments as I go incase anyone is looking. Or cares. In the least. Or just for myself incase I have to go through this entire process again and again and again and again. Did I mention that over the last few days I've been pretty negative about this whole thing? No? Well, I am. I don't think it really matters since I was so positive the last time and that didn't really help.

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