Sunday, January 19, 2014

WTF tomorrow

Tomorrow I finally get to have our WTF appointment. I keep going back and forth about what I should do. FET? Fresh IVF? Do this FET and then switch clinics?

I am strongly leaning toward the last option. I love our office, but if I'm being real, we're not in a relationship. This is a business. I have paid them a SHIT TON OF MONEY and have received nothing in return. I'm not okay with that. Our clinic has the second highest success rate in our state. My next option is going to the best in the state. It's a three hour drive, but I'm okay with that. I think they do monitoring appointments a little closer than that, so we'll see.

I have to use the last frozen embryo in order to move on. So basically, tomorrow I am finding out how easy it will be to break up with our current clinic. And...wherever we go from here, the hubs and I have decided that my hysterectomy will be the Summer of 2015.

After endo hell over the weekend, I'm just done. This gives my body a year and a half to figure this shit out. You have no idea how amazing it feels to finally have an agreed upon end in sight. After the Summer of 2015, I can live my life like a normal person for the first time in two decades. This decision is simply a quality of life decision. My twenties and almost all of my thirties will have been ruined from this disease. I'm done letting endo control my life. This weekend sucked. Huge endo ass.

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