Saturday, March 17, 2012

1 dpiui...

So, here I sit. 1 dpiui (1 day past iui) and it has been such a beautiful day! I am so grateful for a wonderful husband who let me sit around with my feet up most of the day. Seriously, he is the best! Normally, Saturday is my errand day, but he took my list to the grocery store, vacuumed, and pretty much did all of my errands for me. I didn't even ask. He just did it. Seeing as how it's St. Patty's Day and he's Irish and usually ready to go out by 9am, this is big! I feel so blessed. Besides that, sitting with the windows open and smelling the scents that early spring brings in has been so nice! It is my all time, favorite season.

On another note, my son is almost 9 years old. I can't even believe it. I was thinking about how if this cycle works, he will be 9 1/2 when the baby is born. That's quite a difference in ages, but I really can't do much about it now. Not for lack of trying of course! He's the only thing that has kept me going all of these years, actually. I cannot wait for the moment he meets his first baby brother or sister. That thought and vision is what has gotten me through every.single.cycle over the last.eight.years. It's nice knowing that we're now on the right track, with the right doctor (after a lot of others), and in the right mind set to make it happen.

Obviously, I'm not really feeling pregnant today, but the thought did pass my mind (quite a bit actually) that this baby's gender is now determined and he/she is making his/her way to his/her home for the next 9 months :)

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