Friday, March 30, 2012

No AF, but still BFN

I haven't officially started AF, but with my progesterone so high, I'll probably be later than usual. Another cruel side effect of progesterone supp.

I cancelled my beta on Monday because I'm not really into driving 1 1/2 hours to be told something I already know. They were fine with it and they even let me talk to the ivf nurse. She was sooooo flipping nice. Kinda what I needed. She said their office is at 71% success for women under 35 for the first quarter of this year. She said I was a great candidate and had a lot going for me. We wouldn't need to do ICSI, so that would save us $2K. Granted, it will cost about $3K in meds and $5-8K for the actual testing and procedures. The hubs is curious which one of us will be selling a kidney to pay for it...which is a good question. 

So, we'll do one more iui and then start saving. I hope to be able to do ivf in the summer, but unless we decide to get a loan, that's not likely going to happen. We've already waited 8 years, what's another one?

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