Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Not so sure about this cycle. Call it a dud already?

While I think my cyst is gone, I'm bleeding again. Is this normal? I have no clue. And, my shot was two hours late yesterday, so that's probably not good. We were at dinner. I forgot.

On top of all of that, my head has been already calling this cycle a dud. With the cyst and having to take an extra week of Lupron, I've already decided that my ovaries will be over suppressed and won't do what they're supposed to do so this whole thing will be a giant waste of money. Again.

And, my lining was already at a 6 at my last appointment. The appointment before I started Lupron my lining was a 4. So, it grew by 2mm or cm or whatever in just over a week. Probably another bad omen.

Perhaps I'm just trying to not get excited because I'm afraid that the cyst might still be there on Friday. If that happens, we'll have to move the cycle to June because of work, so that sucks. Bad. Fingers crossed that Friday goes well...

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