Monday, March 31, 2014

It's TRIGGER time!!

Like that, stims are done! Trigger is tonight and ER is Wednesday morning. I did a total of 9 days of stims and my bruised belly says that's enough. My E2 came in at 4589. Because it's high again, I'll be taking Cabergoline (sp?) to help ward off OHSS. We'll see. ER is scheduled for 8am Wednesday morning and I have to be there at 7:15am. Meaning, I need to get up by the butt crack of dawn to get down there.

On a crazy/odd/WTH note, I had my foot run over by a double stroller in the waiting room of the RE's office today. Seriously. That lady needed another kid like she needed punched in the face. She didn't even say that she was sorry. She did however look at me and say, "You're gonna need to move." Seriously? The hubs wanted to punch her. I, thinking of the irony of getting my foot run over by a double stroller in an RE's office, just started laughing. Sometimes, my sense of humor gets in the way of coming up with whitty things to say to people when they are idiots.

Since having my foot crushed, I've thought of many things I could have said to her. Oh well. She'll get hers.

As for me, I made it and my ovaries didn't blow up. Fingers crossed that they can just hang on to these eggs for a couple more days!

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