Thursday, June 27, 2013


It's only been one day since yesterday? This is the slowest 2ww ever in the history of 2ww's. Seriously. I even went over to hang out with my MIL and FIL during the day yesterday. Being a teacher, I don't even have work to keep me busy right now. I continue to watch trashy tv and get up often to keep blood flowing to my baby incubator, but besides that, I'm flat out bored. Tonight, we're all going to dinner. To me, this is a huge deal. I'm so excited to go somewhere. This is pathetic. I own a car for goodness sakes. I could get my butt in the car and go somewhere. But, I'm not really up for making decisions right now, so I don't know where I'd even take myself. Geesh. Although, I am 100% positive about what I'm getting for dinner tonight...I'm drooling just thinking about the amazing salad dressing...don't tell, but it's so amazing that it takes all I have not to lick my plate when the salad is gone. Maybe I'll be a rebel tonight and just do it. The hubs would just die.

Oh. Tomorrow, we're meeting my dad halfway between our house and his and dropping off Ayden with him for the weekend. Ayden thinks he's quite the big deal going to the big city to hang out with his grandparents for the weekend! He'll be spoiled rotten and come back tired as heck! After we do the kid exchange, the hubs and I are going to see the movie, The Heat. I am so excited to see it! I've been talking about it since I saw the first preview months ago. I LOVE both of the actresses in the movie and plan on laughing my tail off. Laughter increases chances of success in IVF, right?
Because of this, I find myself laughing loudly at really idiotic things. Do you think my body knows that I'm tricking it? I doubt it.

 All of a sudden this week, I've decided that waking up at 4:30/5:00 was something teachers do in the Summer. Um, no. And, then, last night, I was wide awake at 3:00. Really? There was nothing at all I could do to fall asleep. So, naturally, I googled, "Insomnia in the 2ww." Seriously, I've completely lost it. After cuddling with my puppies, I think I fell back asleep around 5:30. Then, the hubs' alarm clock went off at 6:15. For reals. I decided to take my "Calm the heck down uterus" meds (600mg ibu and Xanax...seriously, this was prescribed by my RE. I'm not even making that up. I take them 2x's a day and then take what we refer to as my "Xanax nap.") and then I fell back to sleep until 9:45. Thank heavens! How would I ever enjoy my dinner out if I was a walking zombie? But, here it is 12:15, and I'm ready for  another nap.

As far as symptoms go, nada. I mean, sure, there's crampy/pulling/something going on in there. But, I really think it's my ovaries trying to settle down. I can attribute all of the other things I'm feeling to the PIO and suppositories I'm taking. I'm tired, bbs hurt (but they hurt during stims and never stopped), thirsty (which makes me pee in the night, and that really makes me mad!), and this new insomnia I decided to try out last night. My opinion, they're all from drugs I'm taking. Minus the waking up in the middle of the night. I'm not sure I know where that's coming from.

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