Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fertility Report!

OMG, so exciting! My first (and last) Fert Report! Out of 22 eggs retrieved yesterday, 16 fertilized naturally!!! We have 16 teensy, tiny babies growing in petri dishes!! I am sooooo excited. I am fully aware that the arrest rate is pretty high over the next couple of days, but because we might be facing a freeze all, I really wanted a bigger number to work with.

I'll also be doing a uterine protocol that my RE created for women with endo. Most women with endo cramp for just the simplest of reasons. I always cramped after my IUI's. So, to prevent this, Starting the day before ET, I'll take a Xanax in the AM and PM and an ibuprofen in the afternoon. This will continue for 5 days. It is used to calm the uterus and prevent the micro-contractions of my uterus. However, we're not sure when I'll start this because we're not sure of exactly when ET will be. The nurse was waiting on the doc to ask him what he thought now that we had our fert report back. Because I've already gained a pound over night and I have pressure under my diaphragm with some shooting pains in my abdomen when I breathe, I am still high risk for OHSS. I will actually be just fine if we need to wait to transfer. I do not want to get sick after transfer. It just sounds horrible.

Anyway, I am on cloud nine with our fert report and I'm feeling much more hopeful that we can actually make babies!!

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