Friday, June 21, 2013

Fertility Report, Day 2 update!

Two more eggs fertilized overnight, for a new total of 18 fertilized!! As of today, 6 of the embryos are 4-cell (wonderful!), 7 are 3-cell (great!), and 5 are 2-cell (good!). The nurse said they wanted them to be between 2-4 cells today, so all 18 are moving right along!

The hubs did freak a little more when he learned that 2 more fertilized! I told him the numbers would be going down as we went on...okay, maybe he'll have to wait a couple more days for this to happen because these little goobers are fighting and doing what they're supposed to, for now!

Transfer is scheduled for Monday at 11:30! So, in a short 3 days, I'll be PUPO!! (Pregnant until proven otherwise) So freaking exciting!

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