Friday, June 14, 2013

Monitoring Appointment #3

Things are moving right along. There were 16 follicles above 10mm today with a couple at 14. E2 was at 1350 and my lining is 11.something or other. Our RE said that everything is right where it should be. Also, for the record, he is the kindest man. The first thing he did was ask how my endo pain was since we're pumping my body full of estrogen. There isn't much he can do for the pain right now, but to at least acknowledge that it's there made me realize what a great doc he really is. Of course, he is the one who spent an hour peeling my ovary off of my stomach wall, so he saw the big mess in there.

He really wants me to get to 10 days on stims, which will be Monday, but he won't be sure until my monitoring appointment tomorrow. I'll see the other doctor in the practice tomorrow and I hate that since I'd rather have my own RE making all of the decisions, but clearly they're both great at their jobs, so I'll just have to suck it up.

Pain wise, I'm doing okay. I definitely know my ovaries are in there, but as long as I stay hydrated, I'm good. They feel really, really heavy and it kinda feels like someone is stabbing my in my ovary every time I take a step, but besides that, I'm great. I'll just stay put on the's easier and the hubs makes fun of my wobbling around...I'm gonna pump him full of estrogen and make fun on him when he turns into a chicken. So there.

We let ourselves talk about baby names on the way home. It was a little exciting. I mean, up until now, we've been pretty guarded of our feelings and haven't let ourselves dream too much. But, today, we did. I, of course, have already decided on names, so as far as I'm concerned, it's a done deal. The hubs isn't so sure. He'll come around!

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