Saturday, June 29, 2013


Well, I tested this morning. I don't think there's a camera in the entire universe that could capture the line. It was very, very faint. It did show up within 3 minutes, but never got very dark. At all. So, I'll just assume that yesterday's test was the trigger. This morning's test was only about hours after last night's, so I'm not sure how to explain all of that except that the trigger is the devil of IVF. Yeah. I think that's accurate.

I'm not gonna lie, I did buy more tests today...someone hide my debit card. Fast! I wasn't expecting last night's test to be positive, so that caused me to use an extra one. I need to be prepared for whatever might happen this week. I apologize in advance to anyone within a 30 mile radius who needs hpt's this week. The store is fresh out.

As for symptoms, I don't have any that can't be contributed to any of the drugs I'm pumped full of. I am very emotional, but I'm always emotional during the 2ww, so that isn't a sign. Really, it just scares the hubs. It gets a little ugly around here with the crying one minute, laughing the next. Scary stuff.

I've decided to wait until Monday to test again. That was my original plan, I think. Maybe I said a different day. I don't remember. So, if I didn't say it before, this is my new plan. Monday. After this morning, the faint, faint, faint line was a bit more than I wanted to handle today.

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  1. I found your blog via google, I started reading from the beginning and couldn't stop, our stories are very similar. We have a nine year old daughter and we have been ttc for 2+ years with no luck. I am a teacher and I live in a small town in Ohio as well!! I have been seeing a Fertility Specialist since Oct of 2012. I am starting Follistim injections this month. I pray you get your BFP on Monday!