Friday, June 7, 2013

Baseline Appointment

Baseline went great! I have about 15 follicles waiting to come out and play on each ovary. I saw the other RE in the practice and, while I like him just fine, he freaked me out for a little bit. He was really worried about the number of follicles I have on each ovary. Now, I thought the point was to get a lot. Maybe I'm wrong. Now, not all of these are going to make good embies, but I'd rather have more to start with. Maybe I'm wrong. I know it's quality over quantity. However, he was talking about lowering my dose of follistim for tomorrow. Then, after talking with the nurse and me, he seemed to think that after being on bcp since August, my follicles would be slow to respond and all 30 might not mature. Well, I sure hope he's right. That's a crap ton of eggs. It makes me feel like a chicken! So, tonight is the last night of Lupron only and tomorrow we start stims. Yippie!

Tomorrow is also Ayden's 10th birthday party. He is obsessed with basketball and so he invited his basketball team and other kids from his class to play basketball at our local rec center. He is so flipping excited. He's been running around here like a crazy person! He's also excited because he'll be 10! That's a big deal in kid land! No more single digits for this kid!!

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