Thursday, April 3, 2014

1st Fertilization Report!

Of the 21 eggs that were retrieved, 16 were mature and ICSI was performed on them. As of this morning, 14 were doing what they should be doing! I have NO clue where I got the number 13 from yesterday. I'm blaming the pain and drugs. The hubs though someone said 13 eggs, too but he was just freaking out from what was happening to me, so he admitted that he didn't really pay attention either. Nice.

On a positive note, I feel so much better today. My stomach is full of some fluid and gas. Oh the gas. Not sure why on that one. But, I feel so much better this time. I'll just keep chugging my gat.orade and eating salty soup and protein to keep OHSS mild.

So, now we wait for tomorrow to see how the embryos are dividing. Lots of prayers that our baby(ies) are in there!

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