Monday, April 7, 2014

Two have been transferred. None to freeze.

Yep. True story. We literally put all of our eggs in one basket today. I am really shocked at how the sadness from having none to freeze is taking over the happiness I should have for our two that we did transfer. So, either this works, or we're done. That's it. Today is supposed to be a happy day. Somehow I need to think of how to get around this and just be happy we did get two. Some people leave with none.

As for our two, they are great quality. We transferred a 3AA and a 2BB. Our RE was very pleased with this and had to talk at length about my likely hood of getting more OHSS if one or both decide to hang out for the long haul. They found fluid in my abdomen, so I was diagnosed with mild OHSS today, too. Yippie. He said the decision on how many to transfer was up to me. No brainer. I wasn't leaving one behind. We do still had Dudly frozen from last Summer. One lonely little guy to lean on if all goes bad. That's a lot of pressure on little Dudly. The hubs hates that I call him/her that. It makes me want to do it even more :)

If you are a praying person, please put every single prayer you have into these two tiny babies.

I'm not testing early this time. Ignorance is bliss. So, beta is on Good Friday. That has to be good?

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