Monday, April 21, 2014

So, I guess this is really happening?

1561. What?! That's right. A doubling time of 36 hours. Bam.

Naturally, getting that number given to us wasn't as easy as giving it to you all. The lab forgot to fax the results. By 12:30pm I was a mess. Our RE's office only gives bad news after noon. True story. I texted the hubs and made him go to the lab and get the results himself. They wouldn't give them to him so he flipped out asking if they'd even faxed them yet. LONG story short, they forgot to fax them.

So, what does any hormonal lady do? Call them herself and flip the hell out on the lab, also. I couldn't let the hubs have all the fun. Note, this is the same lab that will be jabbing my arm with a needle next week. Should have thought that out completely. Oops.

Needless to say, the results were faxed and my RE's office called me 30 minutes later. Of course, the RE's office had no clue that the hubs and I had just been freaking out all day, flipping out on the lab, worried. So, when the nurse gave me my beta, I was so full of a zillion emotions, I didn't even cry. I wanted to, but first, there was a co-worker in my room, so that would have been weird. Second, again, I was shocked. Like, no words left to tell how shocked I was. This IVF shit really works. Who knew?

So, today I AM PREGNANT!!!!

Edited to add: My progesterone is >120! Another yay for this girl who doesn't make her own!!!! This is such a relief!

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