Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 2 Fert Report

Things are moving right along and looking wonderful! Today, our embryos needed to be between 2-4 cells. We had:
          *seven 4-cells
          *one 3-cell
          *one 2-cell
          *three 5-cells
          *one 6-cell
Wow!!! We couldn't be happier! So, we did lose one overnight and now we really do have 13. We'll get one more report tomorrow morning, but they don't mess with them on Day 4 (Sunday) because they will go through some big changes and get to around 100 cells, so they just leave them alone to do their thing.

Our ET is scheduled for Monday morning! Because my OHSS has stayed pretty calm, the plan right now is to transfer two. Hopefully, things stay calm in there and we can make it to Monday OHSS free! All of those crazy supplements that the hubs and I took must have been worth it! So exciting! Grow embies grow!!

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