Friday, July 5, 2013

Beta Day: Pre Phone Call (11dp5dt)

Well, the deed has been done. My blood has been taken. It was very sad. I held it together until I got outside and then I balled my eyes out. This was the end of my first IVF and it didn't end at all how I expected. Oh, it might be too early, you think. Well, the "Not Pregnant" glaring at me on my very last hpt this morning ended this long plotline. Not the resolution I was wanting.

And, yes, we have 5 more. But, it's very expensive to do FET's. It's not like the cost of that is thrown in with the IVF package. So, why were not sure how we'll come up with the money, we decided last night that we will. We don't know when, but hopefully before I turn 50 and my uterus falls out of my body. Although, with the cramps I'm having right now, I'd love it if my uterus fell out.

I had my blood taken at 8am. It's now almost noon. Longest 4 hours of my life. I did sleep through most of them, but I wish they'd just call so we can go out to lunch and drink. A lot. So, a warning about any post I may do later tonight. I'll certainly be under the influence of alcohol. Who knows what I might say...apologies in advance.

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