Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This isn't a dream!

I already pinched myself to check. Now, what I'm about to tell you is in the very early stages. As in, so early, it could still go either way. But, I need to write about it. This potential little one needs to know that from the moment I heard of his existance, my heart filled with love for him and he was wanted. Truly, I want the best for him and whatever the decision, I pray it is what is in the best interest for this little boy.

This morning, I was upstairs getting ready and heard the land line ring. Typically, no one of importance calls it, so I ignored it, thinking that if it were really important, they'd have called my cell. Not long after, my phone notified me of an email. This email made my heart sing. I read it and reread it. It was from our case worker. God bless her for being patient with us for all of these years while we look for the perfect placement. I gave the phone to my husband so he could read the email. Usually, he'll say, "Nope, not for us." But, not this time. He said, "Wow. Let's do it!" Basically, without giving out too much info, there is a little boy, less than one year old, that needs an adoptive placement. He is perfect. For reasons I won't get into, his foster parents can't adopt him and it really is sad because they want to.

In the meeting where this child was being discussed, our worker said she instantly thought of us. She screamed, "I have a family!! I have a family that's waiting!!" But, it doesn't work like that, we all know that. However, our homestudy will be presented at the matching meeting with all of the other families that will show interest. Please know that because of the child's age, there will be a lot of families that will want to be considered. Our case worker said we have a LOT going for us. Of course, I happen to agree...but will the people in the matching meeting agree? I pray that they do. After the meeting, the families being considered will be narrowed down and then they'll be interviewed by the committee. The matching meeting is at the end of this month. But, because of other things, it will be about 90 days before a final decision is made. It will be the longest 90 days ever...

How do you share with a committee that the love you have been building up for a child you've never met is enough to be selected? We've been trying to expand our family for 9 years. Five of those, we've been waiting to adopt. In those years, my heart has already expanded, made room for, and filled with love for many children we hope to bring into our family. Our worker said that our stable jobs, both working with children, puts us in a good position. That is important to the case workers. But, what kid cares what job their parents have? Not many. All we can do, is be ourselves, show them who we are in our souls and pray, pray, pray like mad that this is what we've been waiting for. I can't even believe this is happening right now!

After taking 9 years to finally get up the guts to do IVF, we finally are being considered for adoption. What a month this has been. When God closes one door, he sure does open another. Even if this isn't the right placement and we aren't selected, I hope the committee gives this little guy the best family he could ever ask for.

So, we have 3 embies waiting on us and we're waiting on the decision about one little boy. Wow. Please pray that the committee makes a good decision. I'm definitely praying that we are the right family for this little boy. Oh, please, please, please let this be it! We'll know in a short 90 days...

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