Friday, July 12, 2013

Surprise! We're pregnant!

No. Not us. But, seriously, three people I know have recently announced their 'surprise' pregnancies in the last week on FB. How, at our age, can you not understand how that all works? Seriously? If you are having sex and you ovulate and you really are done with having kids, you can do it. It's possible. So, just a warning to the 4th person who decides to announce a 'surprise' pregnancy on FB this week...stop having sex around the time you ovulate!!

The plan is to shop today. I'm still feeling really weird about it, which isn't why I've put it off. Ayden is still sleeping. It's 11am. Oh, to be a kid again. Who am I kidding? I just woke up about 30 minutes ago! We were freaking busy yesterday people, don't judge! Ayden, for the first time, beat me in a basketball game of "HORSE" last night. I don't let him win, you say? Hell no! I don't like to lose and I'm not just gonna let the kid beat me! I do did take it easy on him for the first game, which he lost. Then, my old tiredness took over and he kicked my butt! I'm so proud! He is really getting good. The hubs and Ayden also threw the football a couple of different times yesterday. The first time, I tried joining in. Bad idea. It just added a lot of girl screaming and whining to their manly game. So, the second time, I just watched from the porch. Again, Ayden is getting pretty good. They were running plays in the front yard which was too funny. The hubs is living out his childhood again! After all that fun and entertainment, I'm not surprised that everyone slept in, except the hubs who had to go to work. Poor guy! He hates the Summer because watching us sleep in while he gets up to work, well, it must suck!

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