Sunday, July 14, 2013

Need a routine!

This IVF has gotten me so out of a routine it isn't even a little cute. Normally, I exercise most days and eat great in the Summer. I haven't exercised once all Summer or eaten decently. I almost wonder if that's why my endo has been flaring up so much this last week. Even with AF gone, I'm still in pain. I think my ovaries are still swollen from the stims, but this is an endo kind of pain. I can definitely tell that my left ovary is stuck to my abdomen wall again. Poo.

I definitely need to get my diet back under control. I'll start tomorrow. I have to either do that or get back on bcp. I might need to do that anyway, but eating better never hurt anyone. No more potato chips. Darn. I love them. A lot. Tomorrow we'll start with no dairy (easy because I can't eat it anytime) and no sugar. No wheat. This one really helps me feel better pretty fast. I don't digest wheat very well and I bloat up like a balloon when I eat it.

If nothing else, I'll hopefully feel better after a couple of weeks of this. Hopefully, I'll feel great by the time we do our FET, also. That's the plan anyway.

This week should be pretty laid back. We just have our home study update on Tuesday. I'll definitely pick our case worker's brain about this adoption situation and see what her take is on the whole thing. I wonder how many people have submitted home studies already?? No matter what, I just have to put this all in God's hands and know that he knows His plan for our family and I just have to be okay with that. For the most part, I am okay with it. Whatever happens in the end, I have to be okay with it because I really don't have much say in the whole thing! What will be, will be!

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