Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Well, geez! Cue Freak Out!

I just heard from our case worker again...our yearly update is due this week. She usually does this each year; waits until the week it's due, thinking we'll have no trouble running around getting all of the documents updated. This year is just an update, not a redo of the homestudy. This is much easier. Dogs need shot updates, which they have, we just need to run to the vet and get the documentation. We need proof of home and car insurance and copies of our licenses. Not a big deal. However, then she dropped the big one on us.

You see, we do have a nursery room. But, under no circumstances is it ready and waiting. We always thought that would be jinxing us. But, according to her, she needs to see where the "toddler", as she called him, because by the time this is all said and done, that's what he'll be, will be sleeping so she can let them know at the matching meeting that we already have a place ready. God bless America. Can you say, cue freak out?!  We still have Ayden's crib. It needs a new mattress because, in my opinion, a 10 year old mattress has to be gross. Ummmm, yeah. That's all we have. And, actually, I'll bet his crib isn't "legal" anymore...it's a drop side and I'm pretty sure it can't be used. Ok. Recue freak out. We have NOTHING! You hear me! Nothing!

For someone who's avoided buying all things baby, this idea of needing to go shopping has me nervous. And, I LOVE to shop. I wish I could just tell our case worker, "Look. Once we're chosen, we'll shop and stock up on all things baby. Until then, can't you just trust us that we'll do it?" I'm pretty sure that's not how it works...but I'll try. I mean, what if we get that room ready and then we're not picked? I guess then it's ready for our totsicles. But, what if it jinxes them, too.

Okay. Remember: Not.your.plan. Trust that God has your back. Clearly, keeping the room un-ready hasn't worked very well over the last 9 years, so maybe this will help. I guess we'll find out!

That being said, what the heck do you buy for a baby/toddler room? Ayden is 10. Back then, kids just sat up when they were ready.  No Bumbo seat to force them to sit up. Back then, they slept in drop side cribs...no more. Back then, well, you get it. I don't even have a high chair anymore. Funny story. We heard somewhere that if you get rid of all of your baby stuff, you'd get pregnant right away. That was six years ago or so. Just FYI, it's not true. Basically, getting rid of all of your baby stuff lands you where we are now: needing baby stuff, but having NOTHING! Okay. I'm okay. I am heading up to start clean up on that room, which I typically avoid going into at all costs, mind you. Wish me luck! Oh, Lord please, please, please, please let this be it.

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